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St. Joseph’s Medical Center has been contributing to healthcare advancement through research and quality improvement for many decades.  Our healthcare staff, faculty, and residents have led research studies and quality improvement projects (QIP) in order to add to the body knowledge. All research must go through rigorous oversight starting with the Research & Quality Committee (RAQC), and then if necessary, to the Common Spirit Health Institutional Review Board.

Research & Quality Committee:

The mission of RAQC is to promote, support, and oversee quality research projects and to help distinguish research studies from QIP.  This ultimately leads to improved patient care and satisfaction.  This committee determines appropriateness of the research by addressing the following:

  • Is the study consistent with the mission/vision of the Medical Center?
  • Would the study reflect negatively on the Medical Center’s reputation?
  • Does this study have any legal/regulatory issues?
  • Does this study have any budgetary constraints?
  • Does the Medical Center have the resources to conduct this research?
  • Are there any department disturbances that may arise from this study being conducted?
One doctor showing another a computer program.