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Medical Oncology

In the Stockton region, Dignity Health hospitals offer an infusion room to accommodate outpatient oncology patients' needs, if requested by the physician. Infusion services are also offered at the St. Joseph's Cancer Institute. Our medical oncology services include:


Chemotherapy uses powerful medication to destroy cancerous tissue or prevent its return after surgery. Patients will receive chemotherapy either weekly or monthly depending on the type of medication and the type of cancer. Side effects from chemotherapy cancer treatments vary with the type of chemotherapy. For some tumors, we may combine chemotherapy with radiation or follow surgery to provide the best possible cure. Learn More

Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy is considered a sub-section of chemotherapy. Some cancers depend on hormones for their growth. Hormone therapy involves shutting off production of the specific hormone, either temporarily (with medications) or surgically. We may combine this type of cancer treatment with some or all of the above in certain cases to deliver the best possible outcome. Learn More

Biological Therapy

Biological therapy is another sub-section of chemotherapy. These are biologically engineered drugs aimed specifically at the cancer. Some include drugs aimed at the cancer gene, while others inhibit nutrients required by the cancer cell. This area of cancer treatment has had tremendous growth in the past few years. Learn More