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Spiritual Care Services

Nurturing Your Spirit is as Vital as Nourishing Your Body

At St. John’s we believe that spirituality is a valuable resource in times of crisis. Your spirituality helps you adjust to life transitions and cope with illness, trauma and loss. Our spiritual care team is specifically trained to provide holistic spiritual care in clinical settings to persons of all religious faiths and to those without religious affiliation.

When to Call a Chaplain for Support

A chaplain is available for patients and family members every day, upon request. Chaplains can:

  • Assist patients and families in relieving anxieties associated with illness, treatment, and the recovery process.
  • Administer sacraments, celebrate rituals for healing and provide chapel services.
  • Contact the patient’s pastor, rabbi, or spiritual community upon request.
  • Help patients and families identify their spiritual strengths and name their spiritual concerns, as well as pray with and for the patients.
  • Provide information about advance healthcare directives and assist in talking with the medical team about treatment choices, including the use of life-sustaining treatment.
  • Help patients and their families as they make a medical treatment decision, serving as a link to the Ethics Committee and as a resource for thinking through choices.
  • Help patients face death and provide both counsel and grief support to their loved ones.

How Do I Contact a Chaplain?

To arrange a meeting with a staff chaplain, you may make the request through your nurse or any staff member, or by dialing 805-988-2891. To have a chaplain paged, call the hospital operator by dialing “0” from any hospital phone.

Chaplains also, make routine visits to patients and families in the hospital.

Is There a Cost to See a Chaplain?

No. Spiritual care services are always provided at no cost. However, if you are interested in making a donation to St. John’s Spiritual Care Services, please contact St. John’s Healthcare Foundation at (805) 988-2868, or visit

Other Spiritual Care Resources  

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Spiritual Care Services