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Emergency Care for Confusion

We all get confused from time to time. Given our busy lives, we may experience memory loss when we can’t find our keys or lose our way while traveling. Sudden confusion, however, can require emergency care as it may be a sign of an underlying medical conditions.

To diagnose and treat sudden confusion and disorganized thinking, seek emergency treatment at a Dignity Health St. John's Hospital. We offer quality emergency services and can diagnose what’s causing confusion.


Determining Confusion Causes at Dignity Health St. John's

A number of mental and physical problems can cause sudden confusion, also called delirium. Often confused with dementia, the problems and reasons for each are different. A Dignity Health emergency doctor will want to speak with a member of your family or your caregiver to arrive at an accurate diagnosis.

A number of different reasons can lead to sudden confusion. Among the more serious causes are:

  • Abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmias) and heart attack
  • Liver or kidney failure
  • Brain hemorrhage or stroke
  • Severe emotional stress

Fever, dehydration, and infection can also lead to delirium. Drugs, alcohol, and medications can trigger this condition as well.

Our emergency doctors will treat you with care, dignity, and respect as you await diagnosis. A physical exam, careful observation, imaging exams, and blood tests will help your doctor determine the exact cause of the confusion.


Other Symptoms Accompanying Confusion

In addition to confusion, the person may seem disoriented, extremely drowsy, restless, or agitated. Symptoms can quickly appear and change. Hallucinations and emotional outbreaks also can occur.

The symptoms of delirium and sudden confusion require medical care. Caring emergency care is available close by.

Once a diagnosis is reached, Find a Doctor for quality follow-up care for confusion.