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Emergency Eye Injury Treatment

The shape and design of your face naturally protects you from most types of eye injury, especially to the eyeball. High-energy injuries, trauma, scratches, and chemicals can all contribute to a serious eye injury.

You should seek emergency care for most types of eye injury. For medical attention from doctors with a philosophy of care, dignity, and respect, visit a Dignity Health St. John's emergency room. We can provide personalized treatment for your eye injury.


Diagnosing Symptoms of Eye Injury at Dignity Health St. John's

In addition to pain, watering, and redness, your eye injury can present itself in other ways. Our emergency care team suggests eye injury treatment for these signs and symptoms:

  • One eye protruding more than the other
  • Odd pupil shape or size
  • Trouble seeing or vision changes
  • Blood in the clear part of your eye
  • Eyes that do not move together
  • Object under your eyelid or in your eye that you cannot flush out
  • Swelling around your eye and eyelids
  • Cut or torn eyelid

Since symptoms of a serious eye injury may not appear immediately, you should see your doctor even if you think your injury is minor. We recommend that you protect your eyes at all times since eye injury is a preventable cause of blindness. Wear protective eyewear when engaged in activities such as carpentry, yard work, sports, and industrial and construction work.


Treatment with Eye Injury First Aid

You should get medical attention from an emergency care doctor or ophthalmologist for most types of eye injury. Until you get professional care, we recommend that you follow these tips:

  • Do not put pressure on your eye.
  • Do not rub or touch your eye.
  • Do not apply medication or ointment.
  • Do not flush your eye if your eyeball is punctured or cut.
  • Do not attempt to remove an embedded object.
  • Apply a cold compress with no pressure for a blow to your eye.
  • Flush your eye for small debris or chemical exposure.

Protect your eyes so that you can continue to enjoy all of life’s beauty. To learn more about preventing eye injury, contact Dignity Health.