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Dignity Health My Baby App

Expectant moms can keep their OB appointments, ultrasounds, count baby kicks and more all in one place with Dignity Health’s My Baby mobile app.

My Baby not only helps moms understand what to expect during pregnancy but is also a great place to store pregnancy details for easy reference.

You can use the app to track your entire pregnancy journey, including:

  • Research symptoms and learn best practices for a healthy pregnancy
  • Share your pregnancy journey with your support person
  • Set reminders and notifications for doctor appointments, ultrasounds, and labs
  • Draft a list of questions for your physician 
  • View and store your ultrasounds at each stage of your pregnancy
  • Track baby kicks and weight fluctuations
  • Register for Dignity Health prenatal classes, birth center tours and support groups

Major features of My Baby app include:

  • Due date calculator
  • Weight gain calculator
  • Pregnancy milestones
  • Symptoms and issues library
  • Healthy pregnancy tips
  • Baby kick counter
  • Access to Dignity Health labor and delivery resources and important phone numbers for pre- and post-delivery

Dignity Health My Baby App is available for free in the App Store or Google Play: