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O-Arm Surgical Imaging System


St. John's Regional Medical Center is home to the only O-Arm Surgical Imaging System, in Ventura County, with the most advanced 3D imaging system available for brain and spine surgery. With the O-arm, we provide our community with local access to leading-edge, less invasive neurosurgery, a great benefit to you and your loved ones.

Neurosurgical Navigation and 3D Imaging

The O-Arm is the wave of the future. It's similar to a GPS navigation system for the operating room and is the wave of the future in terms of neurosurgical navigation and 3D imaging.

The O-arm produces real-time, 3D images that tell our skilled neurosurgeons the exact positioning of their instrumentation at any time during the procedure. This helps make the procedure precise, which is especially critical for delicate brain or spine surgery. The O-arm is also used for orthopedic surgery and trauma-related surgery.

With its extreme accuracy, the O-arm:

  • Decreases radiation exposure for patients
  • Reduces complications and nerve injuries
  • Reduces procedure time

The 3D imaging system supports less invasive surgery, which means you are more likely to return home sooner and recover more quickly.

The O-arm’s advanced capabilities make it especially helpful when our neurosurgeons perform surgery on patients with advanced disease or those who have had prior surgery or are very obese.

Learn More About Our O-arm Surgical Imaging System

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