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Trusted Colon Cancer Treatment on the Central Coast

You may not know that colon cancer begins as a noncancerous polyp in your colon that can continue to grow for 10 to 15 years. At Dignity Health Central Coast hospital, our doctors usually can diagnose this gastrointestinal cancer in its early stages, thanks to very effective screening tests.

Once a diagnosis is confirmed, your colon cancer treatment options are based on the stage of cancer. Find a Doctor at Dignity Health Central Coast today for a personalized plan. Our colon cancer treatment on the Central Coast is focused on curing the cancer or putting it in remission.


How We Treat Colon Cancer at Dignity Health Central Coast

An early diagnosis, combined with effective colon cancer treatment, can help cure your cancer or make it undetectable in your body. A Dignity Health Central Coast cancer doctor will help you achieve this through one of several treatment options, including: 

  • Chemotherapy is drugs that eliminate cancer cells or keep them from growing. These drugs help reduce the size of tumors prior to surgery and remove any cancer cells after surgery.
  • Surgery is the primary treatment for colon cancers of all stages, ranging from removal of a small part of the colon in early stages to taking out an entire section for large cancers.
  • Radiation therapy reduces the size of your tumor before surgery and removes cancer following surgery. This option also is used to reduce the size of tumors in other parts of your body or if you cannot have surgery.
  • Targeted cancer therapy uses medications aimed at specific markers that exist only in cancer cells. This option is commonly used with chemotherapy for advanced cancer.

Our doctors respect that you are an individual and will create a personalized colon treatment plan that takes into consideration your physical, mental, and spiritual needs. For customized colon cancer treatment on the Central Coast of California, schedule an appointment with a trusted cancer doctor at Dignity Health.

Dignity Health oncologists and nurse navigators provide advanced colon cancer treatment options on California’s Central Coast.