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Helping You Understand Colon Cancer Stages on the Central Coast

The stages of colorectal cancer play a key role in determining your personalized treatment plan.

At Dignity Health Central Coast, your doctor will determine the stage of your colon cancer and explain all available treatment options based on your lab results and imaging tests. These stages range from stage I (earliest) to stage IV (most advanced).

For cancer care with humankindness, Find a Doctor to learn more about the stages of colorectal cancer on California’s Central Coast.


Treatment Based on Stage of Colon Cancer at Dignity Health Central Coast

The stage of your colon cancer depends on a number of factors, including how far your tumor goes into your colon wall, the presence of cancer cells in your lymph nodes, and if the cancer has reached other organs. 

The four stages of colon cancer are:

  • Stage 0, also referred to as carcinoma in situ, means that the cancer is only seen in your colon’s inner most lining. It is removed during a colonoscopy.
  • Stage I means the cancer has spread deeper into your colon’s lining, requiring surgery to remove part of your colon and the cancer.
  • Stage II is when the cancer moves to the outside layers but has not spread to parts of your body far from your colon. Surgery and, perhaps, chemotherapy is necessary.
  • Stage III requires surgery and, perhaps, chemotherapy and radiation treatment since the cancer has spread to lymph nodes or tissue near the colon.
  • Stage IV is the most extensive type. The cancer has spread to other organs in your body, typically the liver. 

Our doctors diagnose all colon cancer stages and provide personal treatment at:

Dignity Health Central Coast cancer doctors use staging before, during, and after treatment to most effectively treat your cancer.

Dignity Health oncology services provide care with dignity for all stages of colon cancer on the Central Coast of California.