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Detecting Bladder Cancer on the Central Coast

Although health experts don’t completely understand what causes bladder cancer, it often causes signs and symptoms in its early stages. This can help lead to a timely diagnosis so that you can begin healing with effective, personalized treatment from Dignity Health Central Coast.

Your treatment options for bladder cancer depend on the stage of your cancer, so it’s important to raise questions about symptoms as soon as you notice them. Our oncology services team at Dignity Health Central Coast can confirm your diagnosis or rule out bladder cancer and provide the expert care you need.

Find a Doctor today to learn more about bladder cancer on the Central Coast of California.


Pinpointing Bladder Cancer Risk Factors

Bladder cancer, which accounts for about five percent of all new cancer cases, usually begins in the cells lining the inside of your bladder.

Certain risk factors increase the likelihood of developing bladder cancer, with smoking appearing to be the most important one. Not only is smoking involved in about half of bladder cancer cases in the US, but experts have also found that smokers are two to three times more likely than nonsmokers to develop this type of cancer.

Frequent or chronic urinary tract infections, as well as exposure to chemicals found in paints, dyes, rubber, and plastics, are other risk factors for bladder cancer.


Recognizing Bladder Cancer Symptoms

Doctors discover about half of the new cases of bladder cancer in its very beginning stages. When caught early, the cancer remains in the lining of the bladder and has not yet traveled elsewhere. 

Early signs and symptoms of bladder cancer include:

  • Having urgent or frequent urination, or trouble urinating
  • Feeling pain or burning with urination
  • Experiencing a weak urine stream
  • Finding blood in the urine

These symptoms can also signal other conditions, so it’s important to see your doctor right away for a diagnosis.


Prevention & Treatment of Bladder Cancer at Dignity Health Central Coast

To take steps to avoid a bladder cancer prognosis, you can prevent this cancer by reducing certain risk factors. Because smoking seems to boost the likelihood of developing bladder cancer, smoking cessation is the most important step to protecting yourself.

Your Dignity Health Central Coast doctor understands that bladder cancer treatment depends on the stage of the cancer. Treatment strategies for bladder cancer in its early stage typically consist of surgery followed by chemotherapy inside the bladder, which is called intravesical chemotherapy.

Treatment options for later stages of bladder cancer involve surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy throughout your body. Your doctor may recommend combining these treatments. 

Your treatment plan will be personalized to your unique needs. Talk to your doctor today for a diagnosis of bladder cancer.

Experts at Dignity Health provide care that’s focused on your overall well-being, including care for bladder cancer on the Central Coast of California.