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Discovering Options for Bladder Cancer Treatment on the Central Coast

Unlike some types of cancers, the signs of bladder cancer appear early and provide the opportunity to begin treatment immediately. For care with humankindness, come to Dignity Health Central Coast. Our experts can diagnose the stage of cancer to determine the best bladder cancer treatment for your unique needs.

For early stages of bladder cancer, the goal is to remove the cancer and prevent it from returning. Easing symptoms and extending life with dignity becomes the focus for later stages when eliminating the cancer is not possible.

Find a Doctor today for personalized bladder cancer treatment on the Central Coast of California.


Quality Bladder Cancer Treatment at Dignity Health Central Coast

Your doctor will review bladder cancer treatment options that consider your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. 

Your treatment options may include:

  • Surgery, which is performed in most cases. The stage of your cancer will determine if the tumor, part of the bladder, or all of the bladder is removed.
  • Systemic chemotherapy, or using drugs (by mouth and intravenously) to eliminate cancer cells or keep them from spreading.
  • Intravesical therapy to put a drug directly into your bladder without affecting the rest of your body. The two types of medicines used are chemotherapy and immunotherapy for bladder cancer treatment.
  • Radiation therapy that gets rid of the cancer cells after surgery. 

With your health and well-being in mind, your doctor will help you understand the best option for your unique case of bladder cancer.

Our comprehensive, caring oncology services are offered at these Dignity Health Central Coast hospitals:

Schedule an appointment with a Dignity Health Central Coast doctor to discuss bladder cancer treatment to help restore your health.

Dignity Health cancer doctors and nurse navigators can guide you through bladder cancer treatment options on the Central Coast of California.