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Detecting Bladder Cancer Symptoms on the Central Coast

Understanding the early signs of bladder cancer can lead to early treatment and your return to living cancer free. At Dignity Health Central Coast, our oncology services team can help you recognize signs of bladder cancer.

Bladder cancer affects your urinary bladder, the organ that collects urine from your kidneys. Although there are several types, the most common bladder cancer begins in the bladder’s lining.

We treat all cancers with a philosophy of dignity, care, and respect. If you believe you have bladder cancer symptoms on the Central Coast of California, Find a Doctor to discuss prevention and treatment with humankindness.


Interpreting the Signs of Bladder Cancer at Dignity Health Central Coast

Bladder cancer symptoms can appear early. Knowing how to spot them can lead to early treatment and recovery. Talk to a Dignity Health Central Coast cancer doctor if you have any of these symptoms of early bladder cancer:

  • Problems urinating
  • Need to urinate frequently or urgently
  • Weak urine stream
  • Orange, pink, or rust urine caused by blood
  • Burning or pain when you urinate 

For more advanced stages of bladder cancer, symptoms can include swollen feet, bone pain, inability to urinate, and loss of appetite.

Other conditions can cause similar symptoms of bladder cancer. And, the symptoms can appear and leave over time. Talk to your doctor for the correct diagnosis.


Diagnosing Bladder Cancer at Dignity Health

About half of all bladder cancer cases are found early because of noticeable bladder cancer symptoms. Early detection of bladder cancer makes it much more treatable.

At Dignity Health Central Coast, our cancer doctors diagnose bladder cancer symptoms based on:

  • Urine testing, including urine culture, urinalysis, and tumor markers.
  • Imaging exams, such as specialized X-rays of your urinary tract or CT or MRI scans.
  • Physical exam and medical history to determine your symptoms.
  • Cystoscopy, which involves placing a thin tube into your bladder to examine the bladder lining and sample bladder tissue.

Following a thorough diagnosis, your doctor will create a personalized treatment option for your well-being. Schedule an appointment with a Dignity Health doctor to discuss your bladder cancer symptoms on the Central Coast. 

Dignity Health’s oncology doctors partner with you to diagnose your bladder cancer signs and symptoms on the Central Coast of California.