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Offering Heart Bypass Surgery on the Central Coast

When it comes to your heart, you deserve a trusted healthcare provider focused on your complete healing and well-being.

At Dignity Health Central Coast, our award-winning cardiovascular team lives by a philosophy of care, dignity, and respect. We perform the latest procedures for heart bypass surgery on the Central Coast of California.

To restore vital blood flow to your heart, your doctor may recommend bypass surgery for a cardiovascular condition known as coronary artery disease. A cardiovascular surgeon performs this life-saving surgery that bypasses your blocked coronary arteries.

For exceptional cardiac care, Find a Doctor at Dignity Health Central Coast.


Your Heart Bypass Surgery at Dignity Health Central Coast

If you have experienced a massive heart attack, several heart blockages, or an unsuccessful heart catheterization, your doctor may recommend heart bypass surgery. The type of heart bypass surgery you may need will depend on your heart condition and health. 

At Dignity Health Central Coast, our cardiac care leaders perform the following types of heart bypass surgery:

  • During beating-heart (off-pump) surgery, also known as open heart surgery, your doctor does not stop your heart. Medications slow your heart during the surgery but continues to beat, thus decreasing the chances of a stroke.
  • With traditional on-pump surgery, also called open heart surgery, a heart-lung machine temporarily circulates your blood while your surgeon operates on your heart that temporarily does not beat.
  • During robot-assisted heart bypass (a minimally invasive surgery), your doctor is aided by a computer-controlled surgical machine. Your doctor can make very precise repairs through small chest incisions while observing a 3-D image of your heart on a monitor.


Preparing for Heart Bypass Surgery

While heart bypass is a very serious surgery, our cardiovascular team will do everything to protect and maintain your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Your heart bypass surgery will take place at one of these Dignity Health Central Coast hospitals:

Contact Dignity Health Central Coast to discuss your treatment options with a caring provider.

Dignity Health offers comprehensive cardiac care for heart bypass surgery on the Central Coast of California.