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Prioritizing Emergency Care with Triage on the Central Coast

If you are an emergency care patient at one of Dignity Health Central Coast’s hospitals, you may notice a triage nurse gathering patient information and prioritizing patient care. 

Our goal is to make sure the sickest patients get care first using a triage severity index on the Central Coast of California.


Understanding Triage at Dignity Health Central Coast

When you enter our emergency room, the triage levels guide your visit. A triage nurse will ask you questions and gather information about your condition or injury. 

The triage nurse also will take your vital measurements, such as temperature, blood pressure, breathing rate, and pulse. With all of this information, your nurse will make a triage assignment that determines the order in which you receive care.

Dignity Health Central Coast uses the following triage severity index to determine the order of emergency care:

  1. Immediate life-saving interventions are necessary
  2. Emergent or high-risk situation
  3. Urgent
  4. Semi-urgent
  5. Non-urgent

For emergency services and all of your health care needs, Find a Doctor today at Dignity Health Central Coast.

Dignity Health provides exceptional emergency care using triage throughout the Central Coast of California.