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Help for Cerebral Palsy Symptoms on the Central Coast

From slight hand trembling to near complete paralysis, cerebral palsy signs and symptoms range from mild to severe. Early detection and diagnosis can help you and your family manage the challenges of this neurological condition.

Dignity Health’s comprehensive neurological team offers care with humankindness for cerebral palsy symptoms on the Central Coast of California. Find a Doctor today to get answers and personalized treatment options.


Care for Spastic Cerebral Palsy at Dignity Health Central Coast

By age 3, cerebral palsy symptoms become more noticeable. Neurologists at Dignity Health Central Coast offer effective treatment options depending on the type of cerebral palsy and the specific symptoms. Three types of cerebral palsy are: 

  • Spasticity, or spastic, describes muscle stiffness in all or some of the legs, arms, and trunk.
  • Ataxia refers to imbalance or poor coordination when walking or using fine motor skills, such as writing.
  • Dyskinesia is uncontrolled movement of feet, legs, arms, or hands, in addition to poor control of face and mouth muscles.

Each type of cerebral palsy has its own symptoms, which can range from mild to severe. Our caring doctors respect the individuality of each person and will develop a personalized treatment plan to promote quality of life and a fulfilled life.


Benefits of Early CP Diagnosis

Well-child visits can provide early signs of cerebral palsy. As your child grows, there are certain milestones your doctor will watch for. Tests can help determine reasons for your child’s movement disorder, if one occurs. They include genetic testing, imaging scans of the brain, and blood tests.

Know that early detection can begin a positive journey that offers social support resources and helps improve your child’s life. Contact Dignity Health Central Coast for personalized, compassionate care for cerebral palsy. 

Dignity Health neurological doctors provide care and support for cerebral palsy signs and symptoms on the Central Coast of California.