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Providing Remote Care with Telestroke on the Central Coast

The wonders of modern medicine can mean brain-saving stroke treatment even if you are not close to a Dignity Health Central Coast hospital to receive care. Offered throughout the Central Coast of California, telestroke allows our neurologists to provide emergency care at a crucial time when your condition needs immediate specialized treatment. 

If you have experienced a previous stroke or are at increased risk, Find a Doctor at Dignity Health Central Coast for advanced stroke care with humankindness.


Preserving Health with Telestroke Programs at Dignity Health Central Coast

If you live in a remote area or are traveling, rest assured that quality stroke care is always nearby at Dignity Health Central Coast. Since not all health care facilities have a neurologist available for stroke treatment, they partner with hospitals like ours where neurologists are available around the clock. 

Health care facilities that work in partnership with a telestroke hospital communicate through videoconferencing to discuss stroke symptoms within that critical window of time when treatment is the most effective. After initial testing and brain imaging for blood clots, our neurologists perform a remote exam using video to develop a personalized treatment plan for your healing.

The most critical stroke care involves giving clot-busting medication, known as TPA, within three to four hours of the first stroke symptoms. Your ER doctor will determine if this is the right medication for your type of stroke. Once this medication is given, the blood clot causing the stroke begins to dissolve, blood returns to your brain, and vital brain tissue is preserved.

Based on a philosophy of care, dignity, and respect, our Dignity Health Central Coast neurologists can provide remote care, as well as answer any questions you or your family members may have regarding your stroke care.

To learn more about telestroke on the Central Coast of California, contact Dignity Health today and learn about this innovative stroke care program.

Dignity Health neurologists provide comprehensive stroke care with telestroke on California’s Central Coast.