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Quality Treatment for Middle Back Pain on the Central Coast

Dignity Health Central Coast understands that middle back problems can cause severe back pain and limit your movement. Our team of trusted doctors can help relieve your discomfort with treatment for middle back pain throughout the Central Coast of California. 

Rely on our orthopedic specialists to provide care with humankindness to discover the source of your pain and identify risk factors. Our philosophy of care, dignity, and respect will help you heal and return you to your active lifestyle.

Find a Doctor today at Dignity Health Central Coast to discuss your middle back pain symptoms and make an effective treatment plan.


Healing Middle Back Pain Symptoms at Dignity Health Central Coast

Mild or intense discomfort between your upper and lower back, or middle back pain, can impact your work and recreational activities. 

When you come to us looking for relief, your doctor will examine potential causes of your middle back pain, including sprains and strains resulting from sports and labor-intensive activities. Middle back pain also can involve spine conditions and injuries, disc problems, or osteoporosis.

Some medical conditions, such as kidney stones, indigestion, pancreatitis, and aortic dissection, can cause discomfort similar to middle back pain.

Your Dignity Health Central Coast doctor will work with you to determine if your middle back pain will likely go away on its own or if it will require additional treatment.


Prevention & Relief of Middle Back Pain

Your risk factors and medical history play a key role in identifying treatment options for middle back pain.

For severe or persistent middle back pain, your doctor may want you to consider a back brace, physical therapy, or prescription pain relievers. Surgery is generally not necessary until other treatments are used or unless your back pain involves your spine.

Schedule an appointment with an expert at Dignity Health Central Coast to determine the cause of your back discomfort and discuss treatment.

Dignity Health’s doctors can help you find relief from middle back pain throughout California’ Central Coast.