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Healing for Elbow Fractures on the Central Coast

You’re rounding the bases at your family picnic, when you slide into home for the win and land directly on your elbow. The intense pain you try to brush off can signal an elbow fracture.

If you believe you have an elbow fracture, receive medical attention at Dignity Health Central Coast. Our orthopedic specialists provide exceptional, personal care for elbow fractures on the Central Coast of California.

Ready to start healing from your elbow fracture? Find a Doctor today at Dignity Health Central Coast.


Determining Elbow Fracture Symptoms at Dignity Health Central Coast

When you injured your elbow, you may have heard a grinding sound or snap. This is a common sign that you may have broken one or several of your elbow bones, resulting in an elbow fracture.

Following the injury, you can have elbow fracture symptoms such as tenderness, pain, bruising, swelling, and trouble moving your arm. Depending on the type of fracture, your pain may be worse when you turn your palm up and down. 

At Dignity Health Central Coast, our doctors are guided by a philosophy of care, dignity, and respect. When you meet with your doctor, the specific area of your elbow fracture will help determine the best treatment for you.

Your elbow fracture can occur in one of these main areas: 

  • Olecranon, the bony area of your forearm bone (ulna) that creates the bony point of your elbow when it’s bent
  • Distal humerus, the part of your humerus (upper arm bone) at your elbow; fractures may occur in your elbow knob (condylar), above your elbow (supracondylar), and inside your elbow (epicondylar)
  • Radial head and neck, the section of your radius (forearm bone) that moves against your humerus


Elbow Fracture Healing Time

Your Dignity Health Central Coast doctor will carefully examine your type of fracture. While most elbow fractures heal over several weeks, some require a longer recovery time with physical therapy

For a simple fracture, your Dignity Health Central Coast orthopedic or hand surgeon may set your bones without surgery and apply a elbow fracture splint or cast. Your doctor will talk with you if elbow surgery is necessary to secure the bones.

As always, it is best to prevent common elbow conditions, such as elbow fractures. Using protective elbow guards and padding can be helpful, especially for children.

Schedule an appointment with one of Dignity Health’s orthopedic experts to get more information on healing your elbow fracture on the Central Coast.

Dignity Health orthopedic doctors provide quality care for a variety of conditions, including elbow fractures on the Central Coast of California.