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Trusted Elbow Surgery for Fractures on the Central Coast

When one or more of the three bones in your elbow joint breaks, elbow surgery may be needed to help restore your arm’s function.

Often a result of an accident, an elbow fracture can require emergency radiology followed by emergency surgery. The orthopedic experts at Dignity Health Central Coast are prepared to treat you with care, dignity, and respect in such an event.

Find a Doctor today to find out more about broken elbow surgery on the Central Coast of California from one of our professionals.


Elbow Joint Fracture Surgery at Dignity Health Central Coast

While not all elbow fracture treatment involves surgery, multiple breaks often do. Dignity Health Central Coast’s award-winning team of orthopedic doctors will determine if elbow fracture surgery is the right treatment for your condition.

Your doctor may recommend orthopedic surgery for an elbow fracture if your fractured bone is out of place or broken through the skin. Surgery also can help if your bone did not heal completely. 

We offer two types of elbow fracture surgery: closed reduction and open reduction. Closed reduction involves realigning the bones and inserting pins through your skin to hold the bones in place. Open reduction also involves realigns your bones, but through an incision, and places screws, pins, or plates internally.

The extent of your surgery will determine whether you go home the same day or spend time at one of our Dignity Health Central Coast hospitals.


Elbow Recovering After Elbow Surgery

Recovery from an elbow fracture takes time for complete healing. Your doctor will develop a personalized care plan that may include range-of-motion and strengthening exercises.

These exercises are vital to your elbow fracture surgery recovery time. You may need to work with a physical therapist to regain full use of your elbow. Most people return to normal activities within a few months.

A Dignity Health Central Coast orthopedic doctor can provide you with the information you need to determine if elbow surgery for fractures is right for you.

Dignity Health’s multidisciplinary orthopedic services team stands ready to guide you through elbow surgery for fractures on the Central Coast of California.