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Prepared 24/7 for Emergency Surgery on the Central Coast

When an unexpected medical event occurs, our trusted doctors at Dignity Health Central Coast stand ready to perform emergency surgery to treat a wide range of injuries and conditions. Our talented team of surgeons perform all types of emergency surgery based on the diagnosis. Our specialists include emergency care, trauma, general, neurologic, orthopedic, cardiovascular, and cardiothoracic surgeons. 

Find a Doctor today to learn more about our emergency care, including emergency surgery on the Central Coast of California.


Emergency Surgery at Dignity Health Central Coast

Emergency surgery is nonelective, meaning you did not choose to have the surgery. Due to an unexpected injury or health condition, your emergency situation required our trauma surgeons to provide the care you need.

You may need emergency surgery to treat any of the following conditions:

  • Abdominal and gastrointestinal eventsappendicitis, bowel obstructions, and gallbladder infections
  • Heart emergencies heart attack, aortic dissection, and aneurysms
  • High-energy trauma — work- and sports-related injuries, falls, crush injuries, and car accidents
  • Lung conditionspulmonary embolism (a blood clot in an artery going to your lung) and obstructions
  • Neurologic eventsstroke and cerebral aneurysms
  • Penetrating trauma — gunshot and stab wounds
  • Severe burns — burns that cover up to 90 percent of your body 
  • Spinal cord and brain injuries — brain hemorrhage (bleeding), skull fracture, spinal cord compression, and back and neck fracture

We provide trusted emergency services at our local hospitals:

A variety of surgeons perform emergency surgery at Dignity Health Central Coast. They are on call in order to provide care at any time of the day or night. 

Dignity Health Central Coast provides high-quality emergency care services, including emergency surgery, on California’s Central Coast.