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Relief for a Pinched Nerve on the Central Coast

Do you have neck pain that travels down your shoulder or arm? If so, you may have a pinched nerve. While not life threatening, it can interfere with your daily activities and cause permanent nerve damage.

A Dignity Health Central Coast orthopedic doctor can properly diagnose your pinched nerve in your neck so you can start healing. Our compassionate team of health care providers offers personal care and quality treatment for a range of orthopedic conditions, including pinched nerves, on the Central Coast of California. 

Find a Doctor today at Dignity Health Central Coast to learn more about diagnosis and treatment.


Diagnosis & Pinched Nerve Treatment at Dignity Health Central Coast

In addition to radiating pain, your pinched nerve can cause tingling and numbness as well as weakness in your shoulder, arm, or hand.

You doctor will determine the cause of your pinched nerve. The two main culprits for this neck condition are arthritis and a problem with your spinal disc.

Once a diagnosis is made, your personalized treatment and healing can begin at Dignity Health Central Coast. Thankfully, most cases of pinched nerve do not require treatment and will gradually heal in time. If your symptoms do not go away, your doctor may recommend a soft neck collar, anti-inflammatory medicines, or physical therapy.

Your doctor may suggest orthopedic surgery if these other treatments do not relieve your pain. With surgery, your doctor will remove the damaged disc to take pressure off of your nerve.

We want to help you prevent a pinched nerve in your neck or back. You can lessen your risk of this condition by taking breaks during activities, using proper lifting techniques, and maintaining good posture. 

Schedule an appointment with a Dignity Health provider to learn more about prevention and treatment of pinched nerve symptoms on the Central Coast.

Dignity Health orthopedic doctors provide quality pinched nerve treatment on the Central Coast of California.