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Award-Winning Neck Surgery on the Central Coast

Your neck constantly moves as you go about your day, turning and twisting so you can see and experience your surroundings. Neck surgery at Dignity Health Central Coast can relieve your pain caused by overuse, a medical condition, or injury.

To correct your neck condition, our doctors use both minimally invasive and traditional surgery for neck surgery on the Central Coast of California. You can expect care with humankindness to relieve your neck pain and help you recover from orthopedic surgery.

For more information on neck surgery and recovery, Find a Doctor today at Dignity Health Central Coast.


Neck Surgery for Pain Relief & Function at Dignity Health Central Coast

The pain you feel in your neck can develop from a number of causes. Repeated motions, a spinal deformity, and disc injuries can all lead to pain and interfere with movement. 

Your Dignity Health Central Coast doctor may recommend neck surgery to:

  • Remove discs that are deformed or damaged
  • Relieve spinal nerves to return strength in your arms
  • Secure vertebrae fractures
  • Relieve the pain caused by compression of the nerves in your spine

Neck surgery types include minimally invasive and open surgery, depending on your specific condition. You can expect to have your surgery at one of our local hospitals: 

Surgery may be done as an outpatient, meaning you go home after the procedure, or you may need to stay overnight in a Dignity Health Central Coast hospital. The length of the stay depends on the specific type of surgery. Your doctor will discuss this with you.


Neck Surgery Recovery

To help you heal following neck surgery, your doctor may suggest you wear a neck brace to limit movement, protect your incisions, and heal your spine. Pain medications, limited activity, and proper care for your incisions also will assist in your neck surgery recovery on the Central Coast.

If you experience neck pain, schedule an appointment with a Dignity Health doctor to see if neck surgery will help improve your quality of life.

Dignity Health’s orthopedic services can help relieve your pain and get you moving with neck surgery on the Central Coast of California.