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Return to Active Living with Lumbar Surgery on the Central Coast

Maintaining an active lifestyle can present challenges if you have low back pain. If you live with persistent back pain, you may find relief with lumbar surgery.

Dignity Health Central Coast’s award-winning orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons perform lumbar surgery with personal care and expertise. Find a Doctor today to discuss your low back pain and the benefits of lumbar surgery on the Central Coast of California.


Lumbar Spine Surgery at Dignity Health Central Coast

We provide personalized care for treating low back pain. Our orthopedic surgeons perform a variety of spinal surgery procedures, such as lumbar discectomy and lumbar fusion. 

Lumbar discectomy involves removing a disc in your lower back, while lumbar fusion joins two vertebrae. Your doctor may recommend lumbar surgery for: 

Whatever the cause, a Dignity Health Central Coast expert can offer exceptional care with humankindness to relieve your pain and get you back to doing the things you love.


What to Expect from a Spinal Surgery Procedure

Our Dignity Health Central Coast doctors approach lumbar surgery with a philosophy of care, dignity, and respect.

Physical therapy may help your healing and recovery. Your doctor will let you know if you need additional time in a rehabilitation center, so that you can continue to heal your mind, body, and spirit.

In addition to listening to your questions about lumbar surgery, your doctor will talk with you about strategies to help protect your back in the future. Keeping a healthy weight, exercising to strengthen your back, practicing good posture, and using proper body mechanics are some of the ways to prevent problems.

Want to understand treatment options for your lower back pain? Schedule an appointment at Dignity Health Central Coast for trusted lumbar surgery.

Dignity Health experts provide personalized care for lumbar surgery throughout the Central Coast.