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Skin-to-Skin Bonding

Woodland Memorial Hospital's skin to skin bonding program is designed to encourage new parents to bond with their newborns immediately after birth. The skin to skin bonding program for parents establishes a warm, welcoming environment to greet their newborn during the first few hours in the hospital, and fosters early closeness and connection for the new family.

What Does Skin To Skin Bonding Mean?

Skin to skin bonding means that your newborn is placed unclothed onto your chest against your skin, and under a blanket. At Woodland Memorial Hospital, your baby will be placed on your chest right after birth, having your baby skin to skin helps the baby to feel safe, stay warm and maintain a healthy blood sugar. Bathing and non-essential medical and nursing tasks are delayed for at least four hours after the baby is born, essential tasks will take place with your baby skin to skin.

Benefits Of Skin-To-Skin Bonding

  • Stabilizes baby's temperature and vital signs

  • Gives baby better oxygenation and blood sugar levels

  • Stimulates milk production

  • Causes your uterus to contract and bleed less

  • Causes baby to be comforted and cry less

  • Promotes feelings of closeness and protectiveness

  • Provides the best opportunity to get breastfeeding off to a good start

Skin-to-skin bonding is a quiet time for your new family to bond and enjoy being together - your baby feels warm, comforted, and it helps to make breastfeeding a successful and enjoyable experience.

Pregnancy and Childbirth Education

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