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Evaluate a Potential Heart Problem with a Nuclear Medicine Scan in the Sacramento Region

A nuclear medicine scan is a form of cardiology diagnostic testing for your heart that uses radioactive materials to evaluate and treat heart disease.

At Dignity Health, an experienced nuclear medicine doctor can use nuclear scans to get a clear picture of the structure and function of your heart and its cells and tissues. Our teams are highly trained and use the most advanced technologies to provide our patients with the best possible cardiology care.

To learn more about our nuclear medicine scans in Sacramento and surrounding areas, Find a Dignity Health Doctor today.


Conditions Treated with Nuclear Medicine

You may see a nuclear medicine doctor for the following conditions: 

If you have a heart condition and want to learn more about nuclear medicine scan, speak with a cardiologist at Dignity Health.


Types of Nuclear Medicine Scans & Treatment

Some of the common nuclear imaging tests we offer at Dignity Health include:

  • SPECT (single-photon emission computed tomography) scan: to diagnose heart and blood vessel conditions
  • PET (positron emission tomography) scan: scans (to evaluate cancer, heart disease, and nervous system problems)
  • PET/CT scan: to diagnose, stage, or restage cancer and evaluate treatment
  • MUGA scan: to evaluate symptoms of heart failure
  • Gallium scan: to detect cardiovascular infections, inflammation, or cancer
  • Bone scans: to spot cardiovascular infections 

As partners in taking care of your overall well-being, the cardiologists at Dignity Health are happy to answer your questions and help you achieve heart health. Ask us about our available cardiology tools and resources today.

Dignity Health provides a wide array of state-of-the art options for nuclear medicine in the Sacramento, CA region.