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Women's Heart Program

Specialized Cardiac Care for Women

Heart disease claims more women in the U.S. than any other ailment, even cancer. Often, its signs can be silent and easy to miss. That's where the Dignity Health Heart and Vascular Institute steps in. We deliver dedicated, full-range heart care tailored for women.

Our Women’s Heart Program is championed by a top female cardiologist. We don't just treat heart conditions but also address other health challenges women face, like pregnancy complications, post-menopause effects, diabetes, and more.

Supported by our elite teams in Advanced Heart Failure, Structural Heart, and Electrophysiology, we offer specialized tests, cutting-edge treatments, and access to advanced research trials.

Be heart smart - watch this video series to learn more about the Women's Heart Program and women's heart health

What makes the Women's Heart Program special?

We're not just a clinic. We focus on all aspects of women’s heart health, from prevention to advanced treatments. Plus, we have expertise in caring for women who've had breast cancer treatments or pregnancy issues.

How do heart disease signs differ in women?

We know now that women can present with atypical symptoms of heart disease. For example, if a woman is having a heart attack, they may not have the classic chest pain symptoms. They may have abdominal pain, nausea, back pain or excess fatigue. 

What are some risk factors specific to women?

Some risk factors unique to women include premature menopause before age 47, complications during pregnancy such as preeclampsia, breast cancer treatment with radiation and/or chemotherapy and depression. 

Does stress really affect heart health?

Absolutely. Stress releases harmful hormones and can stop us from making healthy choices, increasing heart risk.

Are heart problems more common in women?

There are certain cardiovascular diseases that are more prevalent in women. There's a form of heart failure called diastolic heart failure that is twice as common in women.  The risk of stroke is also higher in females. 

What can women do at any age to help prevent cardiac issues?

Check your health stats regularly: blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar. Also, know how much exercise you can handle without discomfort.

What is something that women should be aware of regarding their health?

Listen to your body. Life's busy, but never skip doctor visits, regular check-ups, or any needed tests.

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To learn more about our Women’s Heart Program, call (916) 453-4768.

Did you know?

  • 1 in 5 women's deaths is because of heart disease.
  • Almost all women (90%) have at least one risk factor for heart disease.
  • The good news? About 80% of heart issues can be prevented. Make the right choice for your heart today.
womens heart program

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