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Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is one of the many ways we help MS patients cope with their disease. Dignity Health’s full staff of physical, occupational and speech therapists specialize in multiple sclerosis rehabilitation can help you manage the effects MS has had on your body.

Inpatient MS Rehabilitation at Dignity Health

We offer several rehabilitation programs and, with both in-patient and out-patient programs, we make multiple sclerosis rehabilitation possible for even the busiest of schedules.

Our intensive in-patient rehabilitation program is results-oriented, giving patients the treatment and training they need to resume an active and satisfying life. Regardless of the diagnosis, we provide the shortest pathway home by:

  • Minimizing disability
  • Improving independence
  • Promoting general health
  • Fostering optimal psychological and social adjustment
  • Providing a smooth transition to the next level of rehabilitation and care

Outpatient MS Rehabilitation at Dignity Health

Outpatient rehabilitation services are available at all four of Dignity Health's Sacramento hospitals and the Physical Therapy Clinic in Midtown adjacent to the Mercy Medical Group clinic office. Services include:

  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Neuropsychology

If you're living with MS, consider the Mercy MS Center for your multiple sclerosis rehabilitation. Referrals by a primary care physician are preferred. Call (916) 536-3670 to schedule an appointment.

Learn more about the comprehensive MS medical management services available at the Mercy MS Center.

Learn more about the MS Achievement Center, a daily wellness program for people living with MS.