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Comprehensive Women’s Health Throughout the Sacramento Region

At Dignity Health, our advanced women’s health services team provides care for a broad range of female-specific health conditions, such as pregnancy and menopause, as well as those that are more common in women, including breast cancer, urinary tract infections, and osteoporosis. Women’s health also covers mental health concerns such as anorexia nervosa and postpartum depression.

Our experienced women’s health specialists are dedicated to keeping you healthy at every stage of your life. Find a Doctor near you to learn more about women’s health in Sacramento and the surrounding areas, and how we can care for your complete well-being.

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Common Symptoms & Causes of Women’s Health Conditions

The signs and symptoms of women’s health conditions vary greatly, depending on the part of the body involved. For example, breast cancer may not have any early symptoms. A lump or mass may be discovered by a woman doing a breast self-examination or by a mammogram. Ovarian cancer has no noticeable symptoms in the early stages, but they appear as the disease progresses. Other conditions, such as vaginitis, can cause itching and light vaginal bleeding.

Women may have different signs and symptoms of a heart attack than men. Heart attack symptoms in women often involve nausea and dizziness instead of the classic chest pain or pain down the left arm that men experience. Ask your Dignity Health doctor about ways to help maintain your heart health.

The causes of women’s health conditions vary, too. Many times, there is no known cause. Examples are interstitial cystitis (painful bladder) or uterine fibroids. Other times, the cause is more clear. For example, gestational diabetes is related to pregnancy; urinary tract infection is caused by a bacterial infection; and heart disease may be due to atherosclerosis.


Caring Treatment & Prevention of Women’s Health Issues at Dignity Health

Women who have some of the same conditions or diseases as men often need to be treated differently. For example, while men and women have many of the same risk factors for having a stroke, some things raise a woman’s risk more, such as taking birth control pills or being pregnant. By being aware of these individual risk factors, you can work with your doctor at Dignity Health to take steps to prevent health conditions. 

By being proactive and staying aware of the conditions, issues, and risk factors that are unique to women, your and your doctor can work together to keep you in your best health. We can help you develop a plan for a healthy lifestyle. Talk to us about our recommendations for: 

Our expert women’s health team is committed to your care at any age. Reach out to us today to schedule an annual exam.

Dignity Health is a leader in complete care for women’s health in Sacramento and the surrounding areas.