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Woodland Healthcare Community Board

Only through the generosity and goodwill of our team of community volunteer Board Members are we able to best serve the needs of our patients, families and visitors. We rely on our board members to be the eyes and ears of Woodland Memorial Hospital, bringing valuable input from the community into the operation of our facilities.

The Community Board at Woodland Memorial Hospital plays a very important role. Community Board members shall be fully engaged in the support and dissemination of the mission, values and vision of Woodland Memorial Hospital and Dignity Health and shall assist Woodland Memorial Hospital in conducting their activities in an manner that is consistent with and supportive of the mission and vision of Woodland Memorial Hospital.

The Woodland Healthcare Community Board has 13 voting members including the CEO and five full-time practicing physicians from the multi-specialty group practice, who have demonstrated significant commitment and operational involvement at Woodland Memorial Hospital.

If you are interested in becoming part of this valuable community service, please contact Jennean Rogers for additional information at (530) 669-5356.

Community Board Member Roles and Responsibilities

The information below is taken directly from the Bylaws of Woodland Memorial Hospital. Please take a moment to review the information as part of your decision-making process.

If you have any questions about the information contained here, please call (530) 669-5356.


First and foremost, Hospital Community Board Members should be individuals who support the vision, mission, values, charitable and philanthropic goals of Woodland Memorial Hospital and Dignity Health. In addition, they should be regarded in their community as respected and knowledgeable in their field, contributing citizens in their community and knowledgeable about or willing to become educated about hospital and healthcare matters. Hospital Community Board Members must have the necessary talents and skills to competently consider the issues within the jurisdiction of the Board and meet such other qualifications that are established in policies adopted by the Dignity Health Board.

Roles & Responsibilities

Each member of the Community Board plays an integral role in the success of Woodland Memorial Hospital, however three appointed leadership positions also exist that may require additional dedication and time. Each year these three positions are appointed by the Hospital Community Board.


The Chairperson presides over meetings of the Board, sets the agenda for such meetings and exercises and performs such other powers and duties as may be, from time to time, assigned by the Board to the Chairperson.

Vice Chairperson

The Vice Chairperson presides over meetings of the Board when the Chairperson in absent and performs such other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by the Chairperson.


The Secretary keeps minutes of all meetings and actions of the Community Board showing: the time and place of meetings, actions and names of those present at the meetings. In the case of special meetings, the Secretary keeps record of how the meeting was authorized and notice given. The Secretary gives notice of all meetings, keeps records of names and addresses of the Board Members and officers and performs other duties as directed by the Board or the Bylaws.


The Hospital Community Board may establish other teams, work groups, task forces or committees, as it determines necessary. The following three committees have already been established:

  • Quality Improvement Committee
  • Medical Staff Relations Committee
  • Healthy Communities Committee

Term of Office

Each Board Member's term begins on July 1 of the fiscal year to June 30 of the following year. First-time Board Members are appointed for one year. Thereafter, the Board Member is eligible for appointment for up to two consecutive three-year terms. No Board Member may serve more than a maximum of seven consecutive years.

Community Board Members

Mike Chandler
Community Member
Resides in Woodland

Vice Chair
Roger Clarkson
Community Member
Resides in Woodland

Lori Aldrete
Community Member
Resides in Davis

Betsy Marchand
Community Member
Resides in Davis

Timothy Bernard, DPM
Physician, Podiatrist
Woodland Clinic Medical Group
Resides in Woodland

Justin Chatten-Brown, MD
Physician, Emergency Services Medical Director
Resides in Davis

Calvin Handy
UC Davis Chief of Police, Emeritus
Resides in Davis

Laurie Harting
Dignity Health Senior Vice President of Operations, Greater Sacramento Service Area
Resides in Sacramento

Michelle Ing, PA
Physician Assistance
Woodland Clinic Medical Group
Resides in Woodland

Eric Mitchel, MD
Physician, Mercy Radiology
Resides in Davis

Rafael Rodriguez, MD
Physician, DPMG
Resides in Sacramento

Kevin Vaziri
President, Woodland Memorial Hospital
Resides in Woodland