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Deliver compassionate care to patients and their families.


Be a Nurse

More than a century of experience and years of scientific research have taught us that medicine is more effective when delivered with humankindness. At Northridge Hospitals, this understanding drives every interaction with the people we serve, and with whom we deliver compassionate care.

Professional Practice

Our goal is to provide the patient, their family and their friends with the best possible experience. We do this through the professional practice of nursing. Nursing is a very dynamic process with constant reassessment of the patient and the treatment plan.

Professional Practice Council

The Professional Practice Council allows Northridge Hospital’s staff nurses to actively participate in improving nursing practice and patient outcomes.


Designed By Nurses, For Nurses

It’s the most innovative and comprehensive new graduate on-boarding experience available, preparing new nurses by organizing and overseeing your transition into professional nursing.

RN Residency Program

Northridge Hospital boasts specially trained nurses, many who hold bachelor degrees or higher in nursing and continue to pursue advanced certifications. We offer the Versant RN Residency Program for new nursing graduates in both the adult acute care and pediatric areas.  Read more about the program.


We are pleased to announce our upcoming March 2023 RN New Graduate Residency & RN Transition Fellowship Programs.

Application period will be November 20th thru November 30th for the Spring 2023 program.

For more information about this residency call (818) 885-8500, ext. 2970.


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RN Transition Fellowship

The RN Transition Fellowship Program is a Competency Based Program. Length varies depending on the unit and specialty training required. The position requires full-time employment without vacation or other activities requiring more than a 1-2 day absence during the length of program. Any scheduled time off will necessitate approval of the hiring manager and RN Residency Manager prior to the start of the Transition Program. Should you be accepted into the program, it is important to understand that continued employment is contingent upon satisfactory performance (during and after the fellowship) in the judgment of both the hospital and the Department of Nursing.  

Application period will be November 20th thru November 30th for the Spring 2023 program.

The upcoming Transition RN Program will begin in March 2023. Applicants must have a minimum of 2 years acute care experience, 4 years preferred.


The completed packet can be submitted electronically with your application on the career portal.