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Want to thank one of our team members?

As a satisfied patient, multiple excellence awards are available for special recognition of your caregivers who exceed your expectations.

Guided by the CommonSpirit Health Core Values - Compassion, Inclusion, Integrity, Excellence, and Collaboration – we strive to treat you with dignity and make you feel safe.

Thank a member of your care team and share a story about how an individual staff member, volunteer, practicing physician, team, unit, or department went above and beyond for you. Scroll down for a form to nominate someone for one of the following awards:

  • DAISY Award
    • The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses honors the super-human work nurses do for patients and families every day. The award was established to ensure that nurses know how deserving they are of our society’s profound respect for the education, training, brainpower, and skill they put into their work, and especially for the care that they share with their patients and families.
    • Eligibility: Must be a registered nurse (RN) at Northridge Hospital. 
  • PHIL Award
    • The PHIL Award® is dedicated to honoring outstanding respiratory therapists who provide exemplary respiratory care, who see the “person” instead of the “patient”, and are committed to the belief that every breath matters.
    • Eligibility: Must be a respiratory therapist at Northridge Hospital.
  • Class Actor (Employee of the Month) Recognition Program
    • Class Actors are recognized for going above and beyond, demonstrating exceptional performance in support of our core values, and providing consistent, compassionate quality care and customer service.  
    • Eligibility: Nominated person/s must be a Northridge Hospital staff member, volunteer, practicing physician, team, unit, or department.
  • Culture of Safety Recognition Program
    • In sustaining our Culture of Safety, it is important to recognize those individuals and team members that ensure that the safety of Northridge Hospital’s patients and visitors is our top priority and a safe place to work for all of our staff. 
    • Eligibility: Nominated person/s must be a Northridge Hospital staff member, volunteer, practicing physician, team, unit, or department.

How to nominate

To nominate a deserving member of our team for one of the awards above, please fill out this form. Submit one nomination per individual, volunteer, physician, team, unit, or department you would like to recognize.

Additional resources for recognizing a caregiver

The Northridge Hospital digital Kudo Board is a great way to recognize a caregiver and express your gratitude. Feel free to post a photo, gif, video, or create a simple message highlighting an individual or team. Remember, a simple thank you has the power to warm the heart and uplift the spirit. Click here to access the Kudo Board. 

  • While you are still a patient in the hospital, ask a care team member for a paper DAISY, Phil Award, or Class Actor/Culture of Safety Class Actor form to fill out. You may leave it with your care team who will see that it is sent to the correct award committee.
  • Use the “Compliments” button on your bedside phone and follow the recorded directions.
  • Use the hospital’s Contact Us page on the website to share your story of exceptional care.