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Family Focus Center

Finding a place to feel welcome and safe, with the resources to plan for a better future, is something everyone hopes for.  It’s something that many young people can only dream about. But such a place exists – inside the walls of the Family Focus Center.

An outreach of St. Bernardine Medical Center, the Family Focus Center was established in 1994 in direct response to the needs of children, teenagers and families in San Bernardino and the surrounding area. The goal of the center is to provide support, establish healthy lifestyles and enhance the quality of life for the community it serves.

Partnering with the Community to Improve Quality of Life

The Family Focus Center has a number of programs focused on fun as well as making a difference in the lives of those who join.

Recreational and educational after school programs include:

  • Cooking and nutritional counseling
  • Crafts
  • Educational computer applications
  • Homework assistance

Diabetes Prevention, Health and Nutrition Classes

Poor eating negatively affects health. Through this program, teens and children learn about healthy and flavorful food preparation and simple forms of exercise, which are keys to healthy living.

Violence Prevention

Healthy relationships are critical. Students learn the necessary skills to make and maintain positive relationships and find out how to end negative associations.

First Impressions

Image and attitude are everything. In an increasingly confusing world, teens and children need direction and positive role models. This class teaches them how to maintain proper hygiene, positive communication and self-confidence.

Late Night Hoops

Basketball is a sport that nearly everyone enjoys. Kids are in the gym, rather than on the street, in organized competition with some of the best high school players I the Inland Empire.

Stepping Stones

Making the transition from school to life is exciting and challenging. Job skills training, career development and even internships help kids prepare for their future.

Teen Choices

Making right choices is important, especially for young parents. Through practical seminars and discussions led by community leaders and hospital personnel, teens learn to make good decisions for their families.

We See The Future


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Family Focus Center is located at 1931 North "E" Street in San Bernardino. For more information, call us at (909) 881-5597.