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X-ray, imaging, and radiology to help you be healthier

At Dignity Health Advanced Imaging, we’re here to keep you happy, healthy, and whole. Whether you need an x-ray, CT Scan, MRI, or other exam, the Center for Imaging at St. Bernardine is designed to provide a soothing and welcoming environment to help diagnose, treat, and heal patients.


Comfort, Convenience and Responsive Care

Access to a quick diagnostic turnaround is of utmost importance to a patient’s physical and emotional health, the Center offers speedy appointment availability Monday – Friday. Physicians usually receive results in a timely manner.

Serviced Offered

We offer a wide variety of imaging services, including:


  • DEXA: Measures bone density and strength to screen for things like osteoporosis.
  • Breast Ultrasonography: Used to confirm findings in mammograms and biopsies to ensure accurate results.
  • Digital Mammography: Preventative measure to screen for breast cancer.
  • Stereotactic Biopsy: Confirms whether breast cancer is present in a mass or calcification.
  • Diagnostic X-ray: Primarily used to diagnose bone and joint issues (breaks and fractures) but can also detect problems affecting soft tissue (infections, tumors, cancers, etc.) including internal organs.
  • CT Scan: Valuable tool for the diagnosis of a variety of medical conditions, treatment plan development, and monitoring of treatment success.
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI): Non-invasive magnetic radio frequency that produces 3-dimensional scans of soft tissue. 
  • Nuclear Medicine: Provides detailed images of the body’s function and body structure, allowing some diseases to be caught early while they are most treatable.


Patient Resources

The Center for Imaging offers convenient same day or next day appointments for most diagnostic services. Call the Center for Imaging for more information.  View the Fact Sheet to learn more about the Center for Imaging.

Physician Resources

Download the Patient Order Form and use it to request specific patient diagnostics. Page two provides instructions for patients on how to prepare for their exam.

Learn More About Our Center for Imaging Services

Appointment Desk: (909) 881-4568

Details & Directions: Center for Imaging at St. Bernardine Medical Center

Hours of Operation:
8:00 am - 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday

High Quality Imaging Center

The Center for Imaging at St. Bernardine is available to serve patients and physicians in the Inland Empire. There is ample, free parking and handicap accessibility. All private insurance plans are accepted, as well as Medicare and Medi-Cal. The Center for Imaging is located in the Medical Office Building on the Campus of St. Bernardine Medical Center.

401 Highland Avenue, Suite 100
San Bernardino, CA  92404