Volunteer Opportunities

The Auxiliary at St. Bernardine Medical Center is a diverse group of volunteers who work to assist the members of our hospital in a variety of satisfying ways.

While it's true a hospital is staffed with medical professionals, a hospital is also full of people who are there for one simple reason: to help. As a member of the Auxiliary, you become an integral part of our hospital and of each individual life you come in contact with.

At St. Bernardine, we encourage our volunteers to smile, laugh and spread joy . . . to spread hope. This is the very foundation upon which our hospital was built; it is the foundation that continues to give us strength.

Since 1959, the St. Bernardine Medical Center Auxiliary has been providing the most essential of services.Volunteers have contributed well over one million hours of help and hope, and donated more than $1.2 million since 1977. Funds are raised through gift shop sales, an annual fashion show, jewelry sales, book sales, a holiday boutique and more. Imagine being part of such an organization. Imagine being able to give back to a community that has perhaps helped you or a family member.

Many times our volunteers choose St. Bernardine Medical Center because of a personal health care experience or because of the experience with a loved one. These Auxiliary members have witnessed, first hand, the difference a volunteer can make -- all with a simple smile and helping hand.

Smiles can be effective in many places. Think of those who are in the critical care unit of the hospital. Think of those who are lost and need information. Think of being able to provide a needed lift to someone. Think of helping new mothers and their babies as guardian angel cuddlers. Think of working with arts and crafts. Think of flowers. Think of how you will feel when someone smiles at you and thanks you for being there . . . thank you for helping.

This is the type of work you will do as a volunteer. To become a volunteer, please call our Volunteer Coordinator at 909.475.2574.  For information on volunteer opportunities, please click here.