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Private Birthing Rooms

At St. Bernardine, each woman is provided a private room where you and your labor partner can anticipate your child's birth, and where your labor partner can be with you throughout your labor and delivery.

About Your Stay

We want your stay at St. Bernardine to be as comfortable as possible and, most importantly, that your birth experience is one to treasure. You are encouraged to visit the hospital in person before your delivery to take a tour and learn more about our facility and what to expect on the big day. Attend our Maternity Tea & Tour to learn more about our accommodations, which include:

Birthing Beds: comfortable, highly-functional beds that convert to an upright position to allow the forces of gravity to help with an easier delivery.

Mother-Baby Rooms: designed so that your baby can remain with you during your hospital stay.

Labor Delivery Recovery Suites: comfortably furnished and beautifully decorated private suites where moms can remain during all phases of the birthing process. Each suite includes a television, private bathroom, and a sleeper chair for your labor partner.

Surgical Suites: located very close to Labor Delivery Recover suites and fully equipped for cesarean sections. This allows you and your physician the comfort of knowing that they can be accessed immediately if a cesarean section should become necessary.

Learn More About Having Your Baby At St. Bernardine Medical Center

For more information on Baby & Family Services, please call (909) 475-5030. To find a physician, please call (909) 475-2543 or use our search tool to Find a Doctor