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Disaster Resource Center

St. Mary Medical Center is the Los Angeles County Disaster Resource Center for the greater Long Beach area.
All nine Long Beach area hospitals from Catalina Island to Downey are under the umbrella of the St. Mary Medical Center Disaster Resource Center. The team meets with local hospitals monthly to discuss surge capacity and other vital emergency preparedness issues.  The team also coordinates disaster drills with agencies throughout Long Beach.

Charge nurses and nurse managers from every hospital are required to complete Incident Command System (ICS) online courses. ICS 100 and ICS 200 courses are available online through the Federal Emergency Management Training Administration (FEMA) website.

St. Mary Medical Center is unique

We're the only Disaster Resource Center that has an island, airport and port in its area.  As a result of having such a large and potentially vulnerable service area, the hospital staff takes its disaster training and education very seriously. Staff is encouraged to take free on-campus courses and train in disaster drills at least twice a year. Periodically throughout the year staff evacuate the hospital units, wear protective suits, learn about disaster equipment and drill with other community agencies.

Other Trainings

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