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Everybody deserves CARE

We serve the community, regardless of ability to pay. Refill your prescription and keep your appointments, even if you've lost your job or insurance coverage. There are resources to cover the cost of your visits, lab testing, treatment, prevention, and more.


CARE Center

The CARE Center at Dignity Health - St. Mary Medical Center was founded at the rise of the AIDS crisis in 1986. CARE provides care unique to the LGBTQ+ community and includes comprehensive HIV treatment, PrEP & PEP, social services, dental care, health education, and housing assistance to our community, regardless of ability to pay.

Leader in LGBTQ Health Care

  • HEI Award 
    • St. Mary Medical Center is recognized by the Human Rights Campaign as a Leader in LGBTQ Healthcare Equality. The Healthcare Equality Index Award is given by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation who evaluates the hospital’s efforts to provide inclusive and equitable care for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer patients and their families. With this award, you can be even more certain that everyone will receive the highest quality care at our hospital.
  • Center of Excellence in PEP and PrEP
    • Being a center of excellence requires that we meet rigorous standards in our PEP and PrEP care. This means that you are receiving top-quality care with the best experts available. Designated LA County Rapid Treatment Hub 
    • This is one of only seven locations in Los Angeles with a Rapid Treatment Hub designation from the County of Los Angeles. This means that you won’t have to wait when it matters most.

St. Mary Medical Center Long Beach is a leader in LGBTQ+ health care.

Services offered at the CARE Center

  • Specialty HIV medical care
  • HIV and STI testing
  • AIDS drug assistance (ADAP)
  • Health Insurance Premium Assistance (OA-HIPP)
  • Benefits counseling and housing assistance
  • Food and nutritional services
  • Hepatitis C screening and treatment
  • Case managers from the comfort of your home
  • Medical care coordination

CARE is recognized by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors as a Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Center of Excellence.

PrEP is a once-daily pill or a bi-monthly injection that can prevent you from contracting HIV. PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) can prevent HIV infection if you’ve had a recent exposure to HIV and are not currently on PrEP. PEP is an emergency medicine that must be taken within 3 days of HIV exposure.

CARE Dental Services include comprehensive dental care (hygiene, white fillings, crowns, bridges, partial and full dentures and more). CARE has a multi-lingual staff, 2 full time dentists, 1 hygienist and 4 treatment rooms.

The CARE Program offers individual, partner and relational therapy for you and your loved ones. Your behavioral health is a very important part of staying healthy. It affects how you think, feel and behave.

It also can determine how you handle stress, relate to others, and make important choices. You are not alone. We also offer various support groups where you can receive compassionate care.

Our food pantry is part of our non profit organization that collects and distributes food to people who cannot afford to provide food for themselves. If you are hungry, this food pantry is where you can come to receive food.

Other LGBTQ+ Care Resources

At Dignity Health, all patients should expect to be treated with courtesy and respect and receive the highest level of care. We support the health of all patients regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity and expression.

We understand the unique health needs of the LGBTQ community, and we work hard to ensure that patients receive quality, inclusive, culturally competent care.

Learn More About CARE At St. Mary Medical Center Long Beach

For more information, please email us at [email protected]. Our three offices are open Monday thru Friday, starting at 8:30 a.m.


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New Client Intake, Medical Clinic
1043 Elm Avenue, Suite 300
Long Beach, CA  90813
(562) 543-3766

Details & Directions: CARE Center (1043 Elm Avenue)

Details & Directions: CARE Center (1043 Elm Avenue)
Social Services, Benefits Counseling, Home-Based Case Management, Behavioral Health
1040 Elm Ave, Suite 206
Long Beach, CA  90813
(562) 624-4900

Details & Directions: CARE Program (1045 Atlantic Avenue)
Dental Clinic
1027 Linden Avenue, Suite C
Long Beach, CA  90813
(562) 624-4949

Details & Directions: CARE Dental Clinic (1027 Linden Avenue)