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Volunteer Opportunities

St. Mary Medical Center offers a variety of opportunities for individuals who wish to volunteer. Volunteering is a great way to contribute to the community, gain experience working in a hospital setting, and make a difference in the lives of others. 

If you would like to volunteer at St. Mary Medical Center, please contact Kim Whitsett, Volunteer Services Coordinator, at (562) 491-9766.

Download Our Volunteer Application


Adult Volunteers

The volunteers of St. Mary Medical Center play a very important part in our healing ministry, supporting our staff and providing a "personal touch" for our patients and visitors.

Our volunteers provide a wide variety of services throughout the hospital including assisting patients and family members in various units of the hospital, and providing much needed assistance to many of our hospital departments.

Some volunteers cuddle a baby and others visit a neighbor.  Some share their artistic or creative talents. Whatever draws you to volunteering, as a SMMC volunteer you will reap personal rewards as you connect with your community, build relationships with others, and add meaning to your life.


Youth Volunteers (Ages 15 and above)

Through St. Mary Medical Center’s youth volunteer program, volunteers have the opportunity to gain valuable hospital workplace experience. Whether you are looking to fulfill school community service requirements or are looking for work experience, the staff of St. Mary Medical Center works closely with everyone who enrolls, providing you with the tools you need to develop further.

At the same time you are learning new skills, making new friends and experiencing the health care environment up close. You will also be building your resume and providing real-life assistance.

All you need to become a participant is to be dependable, enthusiastic, dedicated to helping others, and have the desire to learn.