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Classes & Events

St. Mary Medical Center has a number of classes to help improve your health and events to help improve the health of the Long Beach community. Visit our Wellness Center, or sign up for any of our prenatal classes.


We have outreach events, diabetes self-management classes, senior health education, chronic disease self-management classes, vision screenings, safety education, prenatal classes, care to the underserved and underinsured, and mammography and support groups. 

Maternity Classes & Hospital Tours – Get ready for you little one by visiting the hospital, and learning what you can do before giving birth and taking care of your newborn once your baby is born.

Diabetes Education – Managing diabetes successfully can be done with medication, diet and exercise. Learn how.

Senior Wellness Center – The Wellness Center provides monthly classes and events specifically for seniors and always focused on your health and well-being.

Sweet Success – This class is specifically for women diagnosed with gestational diabetes. You can still have a healthy pregnancy and deliver a healthy, happy baby. Learn how. 

Support Groups – St. Mary's also offers a number of support groups to help you or a loved one through difficult time. 

Information and Registration

For additional information or to register for any of our classes, events, free support groups or tours, please call 888.478.6279.

More Classes and Events

Bazzeni Wellness Center

The Bazzeni Wellness Center is a place for older adults to socialize, participate in educational programs, receive human services and enjoy recreational activities. Designed to meet the special needs of the city's growing senior population, age 50 and older, the Wellness Center strives to provide adults with the tools to manage and maintain optimum health. 

Diabetes Education

The outpatient Diabetes Education Program at St. Mary Medical Center is the first program of its kind serving the people of Long Beach and surrounding communities.

Maternity Classes

Having a baby is an exciting time, but there's a lot to know and a lot to prepare for. At St. Mary Medical Center, we welcome you to any of our child preparation and maternity classes.

Support Groups

Talking to others who are experiencing what patients are going through can often help. It’s a key aspect of any treatment plan, and why St. Mary Medical Center offers a number of seminars and support groups.