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cardiac and vascular center

Cardiac and Vascular Center

St. Mary's cardiac center and our cardiac surgeons and team are here to help you with a range of services from prevention and chronic disease management to advanced diagnostic procedures and treatment, always with the goal of keeping your heart beating strong.


Keeping Your Heart Beating Strong

At St. Mary's Cardiac and Vascular Center, we combine advanced heart medical care services with dignity, respect and compassion for the patient and their family. We're a leader in heart care in Long Beach, nationally recognized and known for our innovative thinking.

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  • Understand symptoms, causes, and types of heart disease
  • Determine your risk factors for developing heart disease
  • Learn which lifestyle factors can increase or decrease your risk

Taking Care of Your Heart from Diagnosis to Rehabilitation

  • Emergency Services: St. Mary's provides 24-hour on-site emergency care and is designated as a STEMI Center for heart attacks.
  • Diagnostic Services: We use a number of advanced tools to diagnose your heart disease including a 64-slice CT scanner equipped with complete cardiac applications, plus echocardiograms, stress and treadmills tests.
  • Catheterization Lab: Our catheterization lab allows us to to perform cardiac and peripheral vascular diagnostic and interventional procedures, electrophysiology studies, implantation of pacemakers and AICDs.
  • Heart Surgery: Surgical suites for open heart, thoracic and complex valve surgeries.
  • Inpatient Care: Cardiac telemetry units.
  • Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation: Our cardiac rehab unit is a full-service, monitored exercise facility that includes physical therapy. 

We also have an extensive Congestive Heart Failure program, a Pacemaker and AICD clinic and a women's heart center

Our expertise and quality outcomes have made us a cardiac center of excellence for many major health insurers.

Cardiac and Vascular Awards and Recognitions

U.S. News and World Report Top Recognition

U.S. News & World Report named St. Mary a High Performing Hospital for the procedures listed below in recognition of care that was significantly better than the national average, as measured by factors such as patient outcomes. “High Performing” is the highest rating U.S. News awards for all services and procedures.

  • Heart Attack
  • Pneumonia

Top 10% in the Nation

Named among the Top 10% in the Nation for Critical Care for 2 Years (2022-23)

St. Mary Medical Center 5-Star Recipient

Our hospital is proud to have received the 5-star designation from Healthgrades for excellence award for critical care. 
Healthgrades 5-star Designation for Excellence in Critical Care. 

According to Healthgrades, this recognition indicates that St. Mary’s Medical Center’s clinical outcomes are statistically better than expected when treating the condition or performing the procedure while being evaluated. Most importantly, this means our attention to excellence likely led to better outcomes for our patients which means, when you come here, you can relax, knowing you are in good hands.


If you have symptoms of arrhythmia such as a fluttering feeling in your chest, the sensation that your heart is beating too fast or slow, dizziness, or shortness of breath, your doctor may refer you to a cardiac electrophysiologist. Electrophysiology refers to a group of heart treatments that can reduce your symptoms, improve your quality of life, and reduce your risk of a complication like blood clots. Learn more about electrophysiology at St. Mary Medical Center.

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