Media Tip Sheet January 2017

A new survey commissioned by Dignity Health has revealed that many individuals may be waiting too long to seek medical treatment for common orthopedic injuries.

New Poll Raises Concerns that Americans May Wait too Long to Seek Treatment for Orthopedic Injuries

The study found that nearly 80 percent of Americans undergo orthopedic surgery so they can simply walk again and six out of 10 respondents experience constant pain before deciding to have orthopedic surgery. Danton Dungy, MD, an orthopedic expert at Dignity Health Chandler Regional Medical Center, is available for interviews to discuss factors individuals should consider before undergoing orthopedic surgery. A patient is also available for interviews. Please call 602.406.3319 to schedule.

Mountain Biker Cautions Others After Concussions Force Him to Retire from Sport

A Valley mountain biker has given up his beloved sport and is warning action-filled athletes about the risk of concussion after sustaining multiple hits and injuries to the head. Joe Ringling, 21, once thought concussions were the price to pay for a life as a mountain biker and skier. However, Ringling’s fledging action sports career came to an end in a terrifying mountain biking crash two years ago. Ringling had already suffered “countless” concussions and his last crash left him with no choice but to permanently retire his bike. Still suffering from lingering effects from his numerous concussions, Ringling is being treated by Glynnis Zieman, MD, sports neurologist at the Concussion and Brain Injury Center at Barrow Neurological Institute. Call 602.406.3319 to schedule interviews with Ringling and Dr. Zieman.

Barrow Increasing Clinical Trials for Alzheimer’s Disease

Barrow Neurological Institute is dramatically increasing the number of clinical trials related to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. The landmark studies are in different phases and approximately a dozen of them are enrolling new patients. The trials range from prevention to new drug therapies for different types and stages of dementia, including a study aimed at finding a treatment to delay the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Marwan Sabbagh, MD, director of the Alzheimer’s and Cognitive Disorders Program at Barrow, is available for interviews. Please call 602.406.4734 for schedule. 

Dignity Health to Release Findings on the Power of Smiling, Participate in Kindness Challenge

Later this month, Dignity Health will release findings from a national poll about the power of smiling. In addition, the hospital group will participate in the Great Kindness Challenge, a nationwide movement to create a culture of kindness. The two initiatives accompany Dignity Health’s belief in the healing power of Humankindness. Stay tuned for more details. 

Dignity Health Chandler Regional Creates Unique Program to Help Patients Transition Home

In an effort to reduce the stress and anxiety some patients face when leaving the hospital, Dignity Health Chandler Regional Medical Center has created a new program to assist patients’ transition home from the hospital. The program helps bridge the gap from hospital to home by providing and assisting with routine follow-up care, medication education, home health monitoring and other support services. To schedule interviews, please call 602.406.3312.