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Our Community

* Pending ACGME Initial Accreditation Approval *

Santa Cruz County comprises urban, suburban and rural communities. Often on “Best Places to Live” lists, it is also historically one of the most socioeconomically, ethnically, religiously and gender diverse counties in California. Its beaches, mountains and redwoods provide an inspiring environment of natural beauty to sustain the soul. Located 30 miles from Silicon Valley, it shares the creative energy and affords a cosmopolitan culture. The presence of UC Santa Cruz’s healthcare pipeline programs and Cabrillo College’s world class nursing program create a local academic environment, making the founding of our residency an expected next step for our community. The South County (Watsonville) is predominately Latinx with a large farmworker population (75% of patients served by Salud Para La Gente, for example, are non-English speaking) affording training in bilingual, bicultural competence. 

In our residency program, your education is enriched by the opportunity to serve this wide-ranging population, including the most in need.  Truly, our program is a testament that ‘global health is local health’. 

Meeting the Needs of the Community

In keeping with our Mission, Vision and Values, our program seeks to be an integral part of our community members beyond their visits to the Family Medicine Center and Hospital.  In an effort to impact the health of these individuals, residents participate in Community Medicine Outreach Programs catering to the needs of local school children, the elderly and those who would otherwise be without care.  It is our focus on community-oriented primary care that guides the resident experience in preparation to ‘make a difference’ for the community you serve upon graduation.