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How to Volunteer

How to Volunteer

Mercy Hospitals was built by members of the community that wanted to make a difference. The support of the community we serve continues to play a vital role in ensuring high quality health care and life-enriching programs are available close to home.

Friends of Mercy Foundation

Gifts to the Friends of Mercy Foundation have helped provide for the changing health care needs of our community by constructing buildings, enhancing programs, purchasing new medical equipment, funding scholarships, supporting community outreach efforts, and much, much more.

If you'd like to learn more about the Friends of Mercy Foundation, visit

Types of Volunteers

Volunteers serve in several areas of the hospital and are an integral part of the team at Mercy Hospitals.

Adult Volunteers


Beginning on March 2, 1955 at Mercy Hospital downtown, volunteers from all walks of life began to devote themselves to extending services that might not otherwise be available.

Our hospital volunteers are easily identified by their courteous smiles, helpful attitudes, and willing hearts as they serve with a friendly spirit of loyalty.

Volunteering at Mercy Hospital Downtown or Mercy Hospital Southwest offers a rewarding job to fill hours you have available, whether you are male, female, a professional, retiree, stay-at-home mom, office worker, newcomer, student, or someone looking for a new challenge. 

Becoming an Auxiliary Volunteer!

Junior Volunteers


Junior Volunteers must be high school students 14 – 18 years old and able to volunteer at least once a week for four hours. 

At this time we are currently not accepting volunteers. 

For more information please call the Friends of Mercy Foundation at: 661-632-5112

Art for Healing Volunteers


If you would like to volunteer to help with our Art for Healing programs or create art-making activities with hospital patients, please email Sara Moore at [email protected], or call (661) 632-5357.