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Amina Choudhry, MD

Hometown:  Los Angeles, CA
Undergrad:  UC Irvine
Medical School:  AUA
Previously Lives:  EMT
Hobbies:  Soccer, cooking, and spending time with family/friends
Professional Goals: Improve health and wellness in underserved communities with a focus on preventative medicine and Women's health



Daisy Li, DO

Hometown:  San Francisco, Ca
Undergrad:  University of California, San Diego
Medical School:  Touro University - California College of Osteopathic Medicine
Hobbies:  Running, Food & Wine, Spending time with my dog
Professional Goals:  Provide service to underserved communities through patient care and community service.


Navdeep Tumber, MD

Hometown:  Fremont, CA
Undergrad:  UCLA
Medical School:  Ross University
Previous Lives:  Academic tutor, medical researcher, concert thrower 
Hobbies:  Writing, baking, running to live with my baking decisions, attending concerts and sporting events 
Professional Goals:  Letting more gray wisdom highlights come in as I practice family medicine with an emphasis on women's health 


Gilbert “Andy” Valasquez, MD

Hometown:  San Diego, CA
Undergrad:  San Diego State University 
Medical School:  American University of Antigua College of Medicine
Previously Lives:  Infectious Disease Investigator, United States Army Officer
Hobbies:  Time with family, traveling, golf, wine and culinary enthusiast
Professional Goals:  Hospital Medicine, Research, to be an excellent Family Medicine physician that will make a positive impact in any clinical setting. 


Jay Vithalani, MD

Hometown:  Fresno, CA
Undergrad:  California State University - Fresno
Medical School:  American University of Antigua - College of Medicine
Previously Lives:  Pharmacy technician, international volunteer
Hobbies:  Travel, road trips, tennis, finding new adventures
Professional Goals:  Become a full spectrum family medicine physician to enhance health in local communities and also abroad by getting involved in global medicine. 



Phillip Yadegari, MD

Hometown:  Los Angeles, California
Undergrad:  UC San Diego
Medical School:  Ross University school of medicine
Hobbies:  Watching football and basketball. Superhero movies.
Professional Goals:  To provide care to a patient population who otherwise would not have access to primary care.