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St. Joseph's Medical Center in Stockton

Training Sites


  • St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Stockton, CA is the main inpatient site. St. Joseph’s is the largest hospital in the Dignity Health network and the largest hospital in San Joaquin County. The hospital sees a diverse mix of patients, including a large pediatric volume. 

  • Community Medical Centers – Channel is the main primary care outpatient site. Community Medical Centers provides comprehensive patient centered care to the diverse communities of San Joaquin, Solano, and Yolo counties. The Channel site is the primary site for the Stockton area. Residents have their ambulatory pediatric outpatient rotation at Community Medical Centers – Waterloo

  • Gill Obstetrics and Gynecology Medical Group provides care to the greater Stockton area, and residents will work with their 19 physicians at their outpatient offices as well as caring for obstetric patients at St. Joseph’s Medical Center.

  • Alpine Orthopedic Medical Group and Spine Center offers a broad spectrum of orthopedic care. The group’s 15 physicians are dedicated to teaching residents a broad spectrum of musculoskeletal and sports medicine knowledge. 

  • Vienna Nursing and Rehabilitation Center provides long and short skilled nursing care to seniors with varying levels of disabilities. It is a 134 bed nursing facility rated a 5-star facility and top 5% of facilities in California.

  • St. Joseph’s Behavioral Health Center provides behavioral evaluations, a chemical recovery program, and both inpatient and outpatient services for a range of mental health disorders. 

  • San Joaquin Cardiology Medical Group consists of four cardiologists at two Stockton locations and is one of the largest and oldest cardiology practices in the Stockton area, providing outpatient and inpatient services to the Stockton community. 

  • Central Valley Eye for Ophthalmology provides state of the art eye care. They are the only general ophthalmology practice in the San Joaquin Valley with all fellowship trained, board certified physicians. 

  • Stockton Pulmonary Doctors provide the highest quality of pulmonary medicine for our patients with our board certified physicians. They have all the latest technology available in treating lung diseases. It is the site where our residents rotate for their pulmonary rotation. 

  • San Joaquin Kidney Clinic, Inc. (SJKC) provides comprehensive Nephrology care in Stockton, California and the surrounding communities. Our providers have been providing quality and compassionate kidney care to the community since 2001.

  • Dignity Health Woodland Clinic is dedicated to providing daily excellence for all healthcare needs. For whatever stage of life a patient is in, Woodland Clinic strives to help its patients make the most of it. Our residents rotate at Woodland Clinic for their ambulatory pediatrics and  dermatology rotations as well as for their urgent care elective.

  • Bhagya Nakka, MD Incorporated provides excellent obstetrics and gynecology care for its patients in need for normal and high-risk obstetrical management, gynecologic surgeries, annual screening, contraception, infertility treatment and other women’s health issues. Our residents rotate through this clinic during their gynecology rotation, to which they also refer their high risk prenatal patients from their continuity clinic.

  • Residents will train with Touro University Medical Group for Urology as part of their specialty surgical training. 

  • Residents will train for their Geriatric and Practice Management rotations at the Anchor Family Medical Group.