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Commitment of Faculty

  1. As role models for our residents, we will maintain the highest standards of care, respect the needs and expectations of patients, and integrate the contributions of all members of the healthcare team. 

  2. We will strive for the highest quality educational program for resident physicians, including our own contributions as teachers

  3. We commit to fostering academic excellence, exemplary professionalism, cultural sensitivity, and a commitment to lifelong learning and a responsibility to nurture the intellectual and personal development of residents. 

  4. We will demonstrate respect for all individuals, without regard to gender, race, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, and we will cultivate a culture of tolerance among the entire staff. 

  5. We will ensure that resident physicians have ample opportunities to participate in patient care activities of sufficient variety and sufficient frequency to achieve competency required. We will also do our utmost to ensure that they are not assigned to excessive clinical responsibilities and are not overburdened with services of little to no educational value. 

  6. Residents will advance through their rotations with progressively increasing responsibilities as their knowledge and skill set advances with increasing experience and training. This graded, progressive responsibility will occur so they can understand and recognized when and under what circumstances they should seek assistance from supervisors and colleagues. Supervision is always available. At the completion of residency, graduates will be able to function effectively as members of a health care team. 

  7. It is our responsibility as faculty that residents will always have supervision at all times, during resident training. Supervision should occur in a graded fashion, decreasing in level of involvement as knowledge and skills increase, but it will always be present. 

  8. Resident evaluation will occur regularly via New Innovations. Verbal feedback in real time should be ongoing and regularly given during on-shift interactions. Documentation of achievement of competencies is required to meet educational objectives. 

  9. We will ensure residents have opportunities to attend didactic conferences/SIM sessions, seminars and other non-patient care learning experiences, as well as have sufficient time to pursue independent, self-directed learning necessary for acquiring the skills, knowledge base as well as the attitudes and behaviors required for practice. 

  10. We encourage, support and nurture the role of ‘residents as teachers’ to other residents and medical students. 

  11. We will ensure a healthy work-life balance exists within the residency program; we will foster a sense of wellness and health. We will support emotional, mental and behavioral well-being at all times. We will provide ample rest and down-time for residents as well as non-academic team building and wellness activities during their training years.