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Caring for you: Mind, body and spirit

St. Joseph's Cancer Institute hosts virtual support groups for cancer patients and their loved ones.


Cancer Care

St. Joseph's Cancer Institute is your gateway to world-class cancer care. Our cancer services extend beyond the traditional doctor-patient relationship. They start with a range of screening options for early detection and extend through personalized treatment following a cancer diagnosis—enabling you to take charge of your health.

Cancers We Treat

The diagnosis, treatment and support of patients with different types of cancer involve many crucial steps.

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Types of Cancer

St. Joseph's Cancer Institute is your gateway to quality cancer care for all types of cancer. The diagnosis, treatment and support of patients with different types of cancer involve many crucial steps.

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Integrative Oncology

Embracing a fusion of western medicine and complementary therapies, St. Joseph's Cancer Institute offers an array of classes and support groups for patients and their caregivers. Free yoga, guided imagery, massage, Mercy SOUL dog therapy, music therapy, meditation and gentle exercise classes are available at no cost to our patients. Support groups and connectivity with peer navigators provide patients and caregivers a sense of community, allowing them to share the experience with others who have traveled a similar journey to survivorship.

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Supportive Care and Survivorship

A cancer “survivor” is anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer, living with cancer, in remission, or free from cancer. The Supportive Care and Survivorship Program at St. Joseph's Cancer Institute provides care to enhance a cancer survivor’s quality of life at all stages of their disease.

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Cancer Support Services

We're committed to treating the whole patient, which means providing nurturing support throughout the entire cancer care process.

Nurse Navigators

Nothing turns your life upside down like a cancer diagnosis. You may feel overwhelmed by the journey ahead of you, involving many specialists and procedures. This is where our nurse navigators come in, guiding you through the process and supporting you every step of the way.

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Breast Center of Excellence

Our team of specialists are here to walk with you through the entire cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery process. We'll arm you with a customized plan of care, a wealth of support services, and advanced treatment options.

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Advanced Cancer Treatment

Dignity Health's multidisciplinary cancer care approach means we treat the whole person—physical, emotional and spiritual. Our team consists of board-certified medical and radiation oncologists, surgeons and other cancer care specialists, plus a full range of support professionals. Every member of the cancer care team works closely together—consulting and communicating every step of the way—to ensure you and your family receive the best possible care.

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Genetic Counseling

While we all face some risk for cancer, patients with a family history of cancer may have genes that put them at greater risk. However, genetic testing is a technology that can provide not only peace of mind but also suggest strategies for prevention and early detection. In the case that cancer is already diagnosed or arises later, genetic testing can lead to more effective treatment. We partner with a UCSF licensed geneticist and Mercy Sacramento for genetic counseling.

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Research and Clinical Trials

St. Joseph's Cancer Institute believes in the benefits of clinical research and its ability to elevate the level of care for all. In addition to giving patients access to the latest treatment options, our physicians develop expertise in decisions and outcome data. A particular technology may eliminate the need for more drastic surgeries, changing the standard of care. This is the value of a comprehensive research program and why it is an important part of the medical services we provide.

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Cancer Prevention

At St. Joseph's Cancer Institute, our experts are keenly aware of the many different factors that can increase or decrease your overall risk of cancer. Knowing your risk factors is the first step in cancer prevention.

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Cancer Screening

Regular cancer screening for early detection is the best treatment, so talk to your doctor about your personal risk factors and which screenings you should have done.

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Multidisciplinary Approach

St. Joseph's Cancer Institute’s oncology services brings together a team of health care professionals specially trained in the identification and treatment of cancer to ensure you get the information and care you need every step of the way.

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Dignity Health participates in the American College of Surgeons (ACoS) Commission on Cancer (CoC) review process.

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Cancer Specialists

Our experienced team of specialists ensures you have the best possible care every step of the way.

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