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Recover Your Health with Expert Cardiac Surgery

Cardiac surgery (or heart surgery) is any procedure done to fix defects or damage that creates problems with your heart. Our cardiac and cardiovascular surgeons at St. Joseph's Heart & Vascular Institute perform cardiac surgery with skill and expertise for the best possible care of our patients.

Although cardiac surgery is common, it is only recommended if other treatments are not possible options for you. Conditions that may require cardiac surgery include:

  • Correct congenital defects (those you are born with)
  • Open blocked arteries to allow blood to flow to the heart
  • Correct irregular heartbeats (cardiac arrhythmias)
  • Implant a pacemaker or device to control heart rate
  • Replace a diseased or damaged heart with a healthy donor heart
  • Bypass damaged or blocked arteries to allow blood to flow to the heart
  • Replace an abnormal or damaged heart valve

Find a cardiologist at Dignity Health to learn more about your options for heart surgery in Stockton and the surrounding areas.

What to Expect from Heart Surgery

What you experience with your cardiac surgery will depend on the type of surgery and the surgical approach. Your surgeon and care team will explain the procedure to you, so you will know how to prepare.

Some types of cardiac surgery are minimally invasive — using small incisions and special instruments or robot-assisted devices to reach the heart and make repairs. Other procedures require open heart surgery, so the surgeon can see and access your heart easily. Your surgeon will decide which approach is best for your needs and overall health and discuss this with you before the procedure. 

Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with the latest tools, and our surgeons are up-to-date on the latest methods, so you can confident that you are receiving exceptional care.

Recovery After Your Surgery at Dignity Health

After the surgery, you will wake up in a recovery room or an intensive care unit (ICU) where your care team will monitor your status. How long you have to stay in the hospital depends on the extent of the procedure you had. Minimally invasive procedures typically have a shorter hospital stay compared to open heart surgery.

After you go home, you may be referred to our cardiac rehabilitation program to help you recover and regain your strength, ultimately returning to your normal lifestyle. Trust our experts to support you and prioritize your well-being every step of the way, from diagnosis to surgery to recovery.

St. Joseph's Heart & Vascular Institute offers a variety of cardiac surgery options in Stockton, CA and the surrounding areas.