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Quality Care for Whiplash on the Central Coast

Besides the damage to your vehicle, car accidents can leave you, literally, with a pain in your neck known as whiplash. You may not feel the neck injury right away. Whiplash can develop over several days before the pain worsens.

To prevent additional injuries, you should see a doctor at Dignity Health Central Coast immediately if you have experienced whiplash. One of our experts will work closely with you on finding the most effective treatment for your whiplash on the Central Coast of California.

Find a Doctor today to discuss your whiplash symptoms and personalized treatment.


Determining Whiplash Symptoms at Dignity Health Central Coast

Whiplash is a neck sprain that happens when your neck ligament stretches farther than it should. 

A Dignity Health Central Coast doctor may diagnose you with whiplash after an accident or injury if you are experiencing headaches, neck stiffness, and muscle spasms in your neck or shoulders.

Since whiplash also can include spinal nerve damage, your arms and hands may feel numb, tingle, or weak.


Whiplash Treatments for Pain Relief

Treatment for your whiplash is the same for any neck sprain. Rest and ice, along with anti-inflammatory medicines, are typically the main treatments for whiplash. Your doctor also may recommend a soft neck collar that supports your head to relieve pressure on the neck.

Range-of-motion exercises can help improve your neck movements. Your doctor may recommend physical therapy at Dignity Health Central Coast as well as prescription muscle relaxants if the whiplash is severe. 

Take steps to protect your neck from whiplash and other neck conditions during a car accident by correctly setting the car’s head restraint so the top of the headrest is even with or slightly above the top of your head. Make sure the head restraint is close to your head, and check to see if your seat back is in an upright position.

If you believe you have whiplash, talk with a Dignity Health Central Coast doctor today.

Dignity Health provides personalized, quality orthopedic services for all orthopedic conditions, including whiplash, on the Central Coast of California.