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Benefits of Inpatient Stroke Rehabilitation

According to the American Heart and Stroke Associations, stroke rehabilitation in an inpatient rehab facility—like Mercy General Hospital's Inpatient Rehabilitation program—will provide patients the best outcomes. 

  • Inpatient rehab facilities provide three hours a day of active rehab with physical, occupational and speech therapists.
  • Nurses are available 24/7 and doctors typically visit daily. 
  • An inpatient rehab facility can be a separate unit of a hospital, or a free-standing facility.

Mercy General Hospital's Acute Rehabilitation program follows the American Heart and Stroke Associations' guidelines for stroke rehab:

  • Training to improve mobility and ability to do daily tasks
  • Individually tailored post stroke exercise program
  • Access to cognitive/engagement actives such as books, games and the computer
  • Speech therapy, if a stroke caused difficult speaking
  • Eye exercises, if a stroke caused loss of vision
  • Balance training for those with poor balance or fall risk

For a personal on-site consultation, referral, or more information, call (916) 453-4566 or (800) 330-4566.